The Christian life has never been about having the "right" answers to a certain set of conspicuously religious questions. It is about working out the truth of God's love for us in Christ, in ways that shape our daily activities, ambitions, and relationships. At Church in the Tetons, we are convinced that this happens best when we intentionally join with others who similarly want to grow as followers of Jesus Christ.

Christian Formation, then, is much less a particular activity than a posture of life. It is an openness to God and the work of His Spirit, anywhere and any time. As we commit ourselves to weekly worship; to intentional relationships in a growth group; and to regular practices of service, ministry, and mission, we invite the Lord to give shape and form to our lives. We invite Him to re-calibrate our hearts, engage our minds, and employ our hands in ways commensurate with His own heart, mind, and will.



At Church in the Tetons, we understand Children's ministry to also be family ministry . While we have Sunday School and other special programs for children to engage the Bible and the gospel message, we are also committed to equip and work closely with families as they seek to incorporate faith in Jesus into their everyday life together.

sunday school

Nursery for ages birth to 3, and Sunday school for pre-kindergarten through 6th grade, are offered during the last two-thirds of the morning worship service following a brief message for these young disciples.

We are currently using the Sparks Bible curriculum, because of its emphasis on getting kids interested in the Bible and its consistent attempts to apply Biblical principles to real life. The younger class (pre-K to grade 2) uses the Spark storybook Bible, while the older class (Grades 3 through 6) are given an interactive version of the Bible, complete with stickers that encourage them to read, memorize, wrestle with, and apply God's word.

For more information about our children's Sunday School and other programs and events for children and families, contact Stephanie McClure.