Worship is far more than a Sunday morning activity. It is a whole life posture. Worshiping God is a highly subversive act; it unmasks our selfishness, exalts the one true God as the source of all life and binds us together as a community of service and witness. The contemporary conversation about worship is too often overcome by me-centered concerns over style, experience, and comfort, rather than how we might surrender to God’s redemptive work in the world and in our lives. Through our worship, God forms us to be a people committed to doing justice, loving-kindness and walking humbly with God.

Sunday Morning

All are welcome to join us for worship on Sunday mornings. We sing, pray, share, read and learn from God's word. Childcare and a Children's Sunday School are offered during the service.

Check out what we do for each 1st, 4th, and 5th Sunday of each month...

  • 1st Sundays

    This ancient and sacred institution was born from the meal that Jesus shared with doubters and disciples on the night of his betrayal that led to his death. God meets his people in a unique and distinctive way as we eat together as Jesus instructed.

  • 4th Sundays

    Jesus can frequently be found sharing meals with all kinds of different people. At least once a month we share a meal together helping to meet two really basic human needs: nutrition & friendship. Around table and over food CiT makes space for everyone to join in the pursuit of the kind of nourishment that feeds us body and soul.

  • 5th Sundays

    About 4 times a year, a month will contain 5 Sundays. CiT sets aside those Sundays to serve our community. We gather for a time of prayer and scripture reading during our usual time and in our usual space before going into our community to love and serve our neighbors. We have done all kinds of different things over the years;  loads of laundry for a family in need, covering books for Teton High School, deep cleaning the Senior Center Kitchen, stacking fire wood for single mothers, addressing plumbing issues for a neighbor...you name it! If it’s a 5th Sunday show up to church ready to serve.

    To submit a request for project support on one of our Service Sundays please find our service Sunday Website HERE.


Miss a Sunday, or want a refresher of the sermon? Check out the recordings below!