At Church in the Tetons, we describe ourselves as a gospel-shaped community. This means that our life together is born out of our relationship with Jesus; the forgiveness, grace and mercy we’ve received from God defines us. Therefore we share a common purpose of loving and serving our community because we are loved and served through Jesus. We want to see the good news of God's love, which is embodied in Jesus and empowered by the Spirit, take root in ways that shape people's daily lives, expand their life's purpose, and sustain their hopes. God's grace both enables us to see clearly who we really are and becomes the fuel for real and meaningful relationships. We desire for CiT to be a place that nurtures and fosters this type of community.

Small Groups

Our congregational "small groups" are when people get together with a focus on growing deeper in relationship with each other and with God. This is often done by doing a book study, or discussion about the recent sermon series.

Interested in getting involved in one of the small groups? Contact so we can get you set up.